Dear English readers, welcome to The Greenwasher’s blog!

This blog is about greenwashing – the use of misleading information about a company’s environmental responsibility in the aim of improving its brand image and reputation. I usually deal with advertisement and greenwashing in French media throughout analysis of images, books and movies related to sustainable development and responsible consumption. I also look at greenwashing abroad though, so please feel free to keep me posted about anything related you might notice around the world.

My education in communication, having focused on ethical limits in advertisement and on ethical branding, raised my interest in advertising and greenwashing. As I see the development of a new kind of environmentally-concerned communication, I am passionate about my blog and have fun creating it. Fun, because slogans and pictures are often entertaining – sometimes exaggerated, and passionate, because I enjoy flicking through the pages of magazines, keeping my eyes opened to new trends and ideas. Please feel free to contact me!

The world is my playground (Mazzella, 2008)

thegreenwashersblog (at) gmail.com




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